lunes, 28 de septiembre de 2009

Grupo Cine - Movie Group (Johnny)

The cinema anime is a program led by the Proyecto Horizonte and the responsible is the teacher Nelson. The movies we are watching in the cinema are very interesting and entertaining, and at present we are watching “BLEACH” it is a series very interesting about a boy named Ichigo Kurosaki together with a girl named Rukia Cuchikí. They joined to redeem a paper important in the history of the world, because they are shinigamis (messengers of the death). At present we are in the episode 32 when Rukia is taken to the jail to be executed for committing a crime of loaning her power to Ichigo for that the other messengers of death do not kill him.

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Sherry dijo...

It sound like you are enjoying the movies. How often do you watch? 32 episodes sounds like a lot.

Grupo Blog dijo...

gracias por comentar.
primeramente el grupo de cine es muy interesante ya que al terminar de ver un anime siempre hacemos un debate del anime que hemos visto y si hay alguien que respondemos varias preguntas y tambien participa en clase dando sus opiniones, el prof. Nelson le regala la pelicula del anime que vemos.
Tambien te quisiera decir que el anime que estamos viendo BLEACH lo vemos cada semana los dias miercoles de 2 de la tarde a 5:30.
pero sinceramente yo ya estos en el episodio 219 de esta serie.
El anime que mas me gusta es DEATH NOTE y D-cray man.
tambien quisiera hacerte unas preguntas?
te gusta tambien el anime?
que serie de anime te gusta mas?

Thank you for commenting. The movie group is very interesting. When the movie ends we have a debate. If someone answers a lot of questions and participates in the class by giving their opinion the teacher Nelson gifts them with the movie. I would also like to say that the group watches this series Bleach every Wednesday from 2-5:30pm but honestly I am already on episode 219. The anime that I like most are Death Note and D-ray man.
I would also like to ask you a question:
Do you like to watch anime? What series do you like best?