lunes, 28 de septiembre de 2009

Grupo Cine - Movie Group (Johnny)

The cinema anime is a program led by the Proyecto Horizonte and the responsible is the teacher Nelson. The movies we are watching in the cinema are very interesting and entertaining, and at present we are watching “BLEACH” it is a series very interesting about a boy named Ichigo Kurosaki together with a girl named Rukia Cuchikí. They joined to redeem a paper important in the history of the world, because they are shinigamis (messengers of the death). At present we are in the episode 32 when Rukia is taken to the jail to be executed for committing a crime of loaning her power to Ichigo for that the other messengers of death do not kill him.

Carnaval (Humberto)

I like Carnaval [a celebration before Lent] because is very pretty and very entertaining and we all have much fun because we play with water in balloons. We also get wet with buckets and get wet the girls because we like to. All Carnaval we like to celebrate with songs and with dances. But more we like to play with water and water guns for to get wet the girls. We all have much fun and all the Carnavals we would like to be equal like they have been because it is very fun.

Día del estudiante - Student's Day (Sergio)

In my school the Day of Students we celebrate the 21 of September. It went very good. First we inflated balloons for to adorn the school and later the teachers got ready for dance. The first dance was pimpinela, the man dresses in a suit and the woman like a homemaker. The second was muchaguay, the man dresses in a vest and the woman in pollera [the indigenous skirt]. The third was cueca, it is the same dress as muchaguay. The fourth was chapaca, it is almost the same as the two. The last was a representation of the school. The teachers acted like the students. Later the students danced. About the food, they gave us a sandwich, soda, chocolate milk. The teachers asked everyone to dance but I left from there because I do not like to dance.

miércoles, 23 de septiembre de 2009

Introduction - Victoria

I am Victoria. I have fourteen years. I am in the school San Vicente de Paul in the 8th grade. I have five very fine sisters, a very loving mother, and a strict father but they love me much and always they support me. Also I have three sweet nieces and three annoying nephews but very loving.
I like much to study and do my homework. The subjects that I like more are: mathematics, language, music, English, art, computer class, etc.
I like to play football, volleyball, and basketball. I like to cook, to wash clothes and dishes, clean my room, travel, and laugh a lot. I like a lot the animals like ducks, birds, dogs, cats, and rabbits.
In my free time I read books about stories that happen. I like to tell stories, also I listen to

Mi Barrio - My Neighborhood (Roberto

I live in Mineros San Juan since years 2001. When I arrived to Mineros San Juan there were tents, the streets were dirt, and no parks or football fields for to play and most important the barrio did not have running water or light. After, the barrio got better they paved the streets with rocks, they constructed football fields and parks for to play, and also they constructed a daycare for children. After came the light. They made holes for to put the posts then they installed cables and the people constructed their rods for light and now we have light in all of the barrio Mineros San Juan. They constructed two tanks for running water and after they dug up the streets for to put tubes at all the lots. Also they constructed a school for that the children can study and the school has ten classrooms, a psychologist office, a principals office, and two bathrooms and now they are constructing a high school.

Introduction - Johnny

My name is Johnny. I am fourteen years. I live in the Mineros San Juan; I have two little sisters, the older her name is Rosemary and my little sister her name is Mariela. My school is called “San Vicente de Paúl “ I am in 9th grade. I like the subject mathematics and arts, also I like the anime and manga. Sometimes I like to draw the characters that I see because they are impressive. I have many friends that also like the anime and they have very good DVDS to watch. My preferred plate is the pique that my mother serves. I hate to be very scared. When I am big I will study the profession of systems analyst also when I am big I wish to go to Japan or Spain to see the production of the anime and stay for some time.

jueves, 17 de septiembre de 2009

Introduction - Humberto

My name is Humberto and I am 14 years old. I have a older sister and three little siblings. I like mathematics and in my free time I like to watch anime movies, play soccer, and ride my bicycle. The food that I like is pique macho. Pique is lamb meat, fried potatoes, lettuce, tomato, onion, and sausage. I do not like to fight. I would like that Bolivia be a city very clean and that everyone be friends with everyone else and not be enemies with people. [Humberto and Sergio are brothers]

miércoles, 9 de septiembre de 2009

Introduction - Roberto

My name is Roberto and I am 14 years old. I am in eighth grade. I have one brother and three sisters. I like to go on trips with my family to other countries. I also like to watch movies, paint paintings, and to draw scenery. My favorite subjects are English, Mathematics, and Social Studies. I do not like soccer much or that my professors give me much homework because it makes me bored.

Todos Santos - All Saints (Sergio)

The day of All Saints is 1 November. In All Saints it is a custom to remember the dead. In my family we celebrate by making T'antawawas [bread people]. During the day we are in the cemetery. We eat the favorite foods of dead. We all, my siblings, go out at night to pray for those that died. For that they give us bread, T'antawawas, desserts, sweets, etc. That is how we celebrate in my family.