jueves, 1 de octubre de 2009

El Campeonato II - The Championship II (Sergio)

Our team is named Nigeria. We wanted Aurora that is a Bolivia team in Oruro but the teacher said it had to be a country. We wanted China but already it was taken. They made us Nigeria. I know nothing of Nigeria. China and Nigeria are both seventh grade teams. Now because we are in the finals we are one team called China. We are tied with Argentina, eighth grade and United States, ninth grade. I hope that we win.
More than that we are learning volleyball also. It is easier than soccer. We are going to form teams and have a championship but I do not know when. They also say that we are going to learn basketball.

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Sherry dijo...

We played a lot of basketball when I was a child in Indiana, USA. I had four brothers so we made a team. I also had a little sister but she was too little to play.

I didn't play volleyball until I was in grade 9. Sometimes I would the ball badly and it would really sting on my arms. I hope that does not happen to you.

Grupo Blog dijo...

hola sherry no te preocupes porque el balon es muy bajo y no hace nada.
cuatro hermanos entonces eran seis espero que ya no golpees muy fuerte el balon.
entonces ya tenian mas de un equipo.
me podrias decir cuantos anos tienes?

Hi Sherry, do not worry because the ball is very flat and it does not do anything. I hope that you do not hit very hard the ball anymore. Four brothers, then you all were six so more than a team. Could you tell me how many years you have?

Mary dijo...

Hola Sergio,

?Sabes que Nigeria tiene el equipo de futbol buenisimo de Africa? ?De todo Africa? Pienso que debes muy contento con este nombre.

Tambien, probablemente no existe en el mundo una jugadora de volibol mas peor como yo. En colegio, me rompi el pulgar durante un juego de volibol. No ha curadose todavia...entonces, !tenga cuidado!

Cat dijo...

Hi Sergio!

Do you think that volleyball is easier than soccer?? I think that volleyball can be very difficult, but I am not really good at volleyball or soccer! And Maria is right, Nigeria has a wonderful team in Africa! I hope it brought you good luck :) Please let us know how your team did!

Grupo Blog dijo...

Hola maria en serio. Si yo tambien me sentire muy feliz con el nombre de Nijeria. Cuanto lo siento que te hayas roto el dedo.

Hola cat si es mas facil. Si es mas facil que futbol. En serio no eres buena en ninguna de los dos? En serio tiene un equipo mejor? Perdimos de cuarto lugar.