miércoles, 9 de septiembre de 2009

Todos Santos - All Saints (Sergio)

The day of All Saints is 1 November. In All Saints it is a custom to remember the dead. In my family we celebrate by making T'antawawas [bread people]. During the day we are in the cemetery. We eat the favorite foods of dead. We all, my siblings, go out at night to pray for those that died. For that they give us bread, T'antawawas, desserts, sweets, etc. That is how we celebrate in my family.

3 comentarios:

Nina C. dijo...

This is so interesting! I love the bread made into the shapes, I would love to try that here. In america we don't really recognize this holiday with any traditions, some people go to church. I like how it is celebrated by you!

Becky dijo...

I think the bread looks really good and it's really interesting to hear how you celebrate this day!

Grupo Blog dijo...

Hola Nina lo lamento que no celebren en eeuu, espero que tu pan te salga muy ricos. En este lugar es muy conocida la celebracion.

Hola Becky si es muy interesante y el pan es muy rico

Hi Nina it makes me sad that you do not celebrate in the US. I hope that your bread come out very tasty. In this place the celebration is well known.

Hi Becky yes it is very interesting and the bread is tasty