lunes, 28 de septiembre de 2009

Carnaval (Humberto)

I like Carnaval [a celebration before Lent] because is very pretty and very entertaining and we all have much fun because we play with water in balloons. We also get wet with buckets and get wet the girls because we like to. All Carnaval we like to celebrate with songs and with dances. But more we like to play with water and water guns for to get wet the girls. We all have much fun and all the Carnavals we would like to be equal like they have been because it is very fun.

3 comentarios:

Mary dijo...


?Tiras el agua a las chicas que te gustan? ?Que te hacen las chicas a tu como represalia?

Tambien, tu maestra Emily no le gustan los globos de agua. No sugiero que tu los usas para ella. Confia en mi.

Anónimo dijo...

I really like Halloween here in the United States. We dress up in funny costumes and go from house to house and ask for candy. It is a silly holiday, but it is fun!

Grupo Blog dijo...

Si les mojamos porque es muy divertido tirar con agua a las chicas
Es que ellos tambien me molestan
no porque no quisiera que si enoje.

A mi tambien me gusta halloween porque dicen que es muy bonito pero eso no lo conozcen pero quisiera conocer halloween porque aqui no lo pasamos.

I also like Halloween because they say it is very nice but I do not know it. I would like to do halloween because we do not have it here.