martes, 13 de octubre de 2009

Cumpleaños - Birthday (Humberto)

In Bolivia we celebrate the birthday with presents, with cake, and also with friends. We invite our family and neighbors. Later we have a party with dancing, eating, and drinking soda. The birthday person has to bite the cake and then we push the face into the cake. That is how we celebrate the birthday here. For girls 15 years is the biggest and for boys 18 year is the biggest.
My most happy birthday of my life was my 12 years. I got many presents like clothes and sports balls. That day was very nice and now my birthdays are only so so for me.

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Contributor dijo...

Hola Humberto!
Aqui en los Estados Unidos, nosotros celebramos los cumplaenos con pasteles, decoraciones, y muchos regalos. Celebrar los cumplaenos, nosotros tenimos una fiesta con amigos y familia. Por mi 12 cumplaenos, mi y mis amigas fuimos en una bota y tenimos una bueno dia. Abrazos y Besos,

Contributor dijo...

Celebrar los cumplaenos es muy divertido!!! :)