viernes, 7 de agosto de 2009

Introduction - Ruben

Hello my name is Ruben Eduardo. I am 12 years old. I life in Condordia in the department of Cochabamba. I have father and mother and my siblings. Their names are Omar, Rosa, and Paola.

I study in the school San Vicente de Paul. I like the football and basketball. My favorite team is Barcelona of Spain and my favorite player is Leonel Messi of Argentina.

Bolivia is my birth country. It is very beautiful but I was born in La Paz. La Paz is the capital of Bolivia. In La Paz there are many tall and big buildings but it is very cold. In Cochabamba the climate is fresh. There are many plants and trees. The vegetation is immense in all of Chapare because there is much humidity, hot and always cloudy but it is very nice. Chapare is a place in Cochabamba.

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Sherry dijo...

Hello Ruben Eduardo. I am Emily's mom and enjoyed your post very much. I watch DC United soccer here in the US. Jaime Moreno has played for us for many years. He is one of my favorite players. Did you ever see him play when he played for the Bolivian national team?

Anónimo dijo...

Hola, Ruben Eduardo. I am Emily's aunt from Indiana. My daughters like to play soccer, and they are both referees for the little children's games. I like to watch the very young children play - 4-year olds. They sometime forget that they are playing an important game and decide to pick weeds from the grass instead of kicking the ball! Do the young Bolivian children sometimes do that?

Tuba dijo...

Hola Ruben! I can sympathize with you you disliking cold weather. I am one of those people that feel like summer should be a year round thing. Well, at least in the cold weather you can watch all your favorite sports! Is there a particular game you are looking forard to on television?

Damary dijo...

Hola Ruben,
Me llamo Damary y vivo en los Estados Unidos y estoy estudiando en JMU, una universidad en Virginia. Me encanta que te gusta el futbol y el baloncesto. A mi tambien me gusta. Mi favorito jugador de futbol tambien es Leonardo Messi quizas por que mi mama es de Argentina! Yo e ido a visitar cuando era mas chica pero hace 8 anos que no voy y espero poder ir con mi familia en diciembre. Estoy muy emocionada!
Sigue con el futbol! :)